August 5, 2018

"If you need document assistance, this paralegal service is the best in Victorville! Don’t go anywhere else! I arrived at their office at 8:25 in the morning and needed documents "Now!". I was upset and uptight. Marie asked me to step into her office. I explained what I needed and she had the legal documents done, perfectly, by 9:05 AM. I walked across the street to the Victorville courthouse and filed my court documents with the Family Law clerk and brought the filed copy back to Marie. She put together an organized folder of documents, patiently explained the whole situation, and was very kind while doing so. So before noon I had the documents built, filed, PDF’ed, sent to the process server, and organized in a sweet little folder. Who does this? Only a true professional. She’s a true professional with a degree of compassion and empathy that one does not run into very often in life. I’m totally grateful for Marie. She took away the stress with her knowledge, efficiency, speed, and professionalism. I’ve been to other doc assists over my life and they were 30% of Marie. This company is amazing. The service is literally perfect! Big shout out to Marie, THANK YOU!"
July 25, 2018

"I went to Able 2 Help for assistance getting legal guardianship of my nephew. The attorneys I had talked to were going to charge me $3000 to $5000 dollars to start. The very experienced professionals (Marie and Teresa) have walked me through the process with compassion and attention to detail. They have exceeded my expectations in every way. I am so grateful that they helped me get this complex legal procedure done at a very reasonable cost. Thanks Marie and Teresa!!!"
July 18, 2018

"They helped me with my matter quickly and professionally. I am going back to have others matters handled. "
April 6, 2018

"Marie was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She has never let me down and has a 100% success rate in helping me file the correct paperwork and getting me the results I am looking for. I would highly recommend."
April 6, 2018

"Marie was very knowledgeable & helped me through every step of my court case. She was always accommodating even on short notice & patient. Would definitely use again although she's an hour away from me. Highly recommended. Can't thank her enough for all the help."